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How to Spend

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Every 500 Sass Cash = 5%

Add a $ discount

Every 500 Sass Cash = $5

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1500 Sass Cash

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How you earn


Earn 1000 Sass Cash


Earn 10 for every $1


Earn 100 Sass Cash


Earn 1000 Sass Cash


Earn 500 Sass Cash


Earn 50 Sass Cash


Earn 50 Sass Cash


Earn 20 Sass Cash

There's more!

Not only will we shower you in Sass Cash for shopping - we will also count your total Sass Cash earnings each year and give you access to unique rewards based on your total Sass Cash score. There are 6 different tiers you will be automatically ranked within.

Rank 1: Sassy Spirit

Create a Free Account on the site

The entrance level that gives you access to the loyalty program and all it's features:

  • Refer a friend
  • A Sass Cash account
  • Our newsletter

Rank 2: Sassy Sister

Earn 1500 Sass Cash over the last 12 months

After your first order you officially become a Sassy Sister. On top of the Sassy Spirit perks you also get:

  • Early Access
  • Special Discounts

Rank 3: Sassy Lady

Earn 10 000 Sass Cash over the last 12 months

Ok now we're getting somewhere! Either you're a big spender or you've referred your whole family or a combination of both. All the Sassy Sister perks are included and you'll also get:

  • A $75 gift card
  • Free shipping on all orders

Rank 4: Sassy Superstar

Earn 20 000 Sass Cash over the last 12 months

Things are heating up! In our eyes you are now a Superstar in the Sassy Army and we will spoil you accordingly. Except for all Sassy Lady perks you will receive the following:

  • VIP only offers
  • A $150 gift card
  • Always free shipping and 20% discount
  • A shoutout on our Instagram (optional)

Rank 5: Queen of Sass

Earn 40 000 Sass Cash over the last 12 months

Are you for real? You are the closest to a Royalist we'll ever get and we will certainly make you feel as special as you are! Aside from all Superstar Perks we'll also give you:

  • Exclusive previews of all new releases
  • A $300 gift card
  • Always free shipping and 25% discount
  • We'll book a reputable photographer and snap some Sassy images and videos that we'll post on our Instagram (optional)

Rank 6: The Goddess of Sass

Earn 100 000 Sass Cash over the last 12 months

Oh. My. God(dess). You are the very essence of Sass and worthy of something special. And boy will we spoil you like the Celestial you are! Aside from all other Queen of Sass perks you get the following:

  • A $500 gift card
  • Always free shipping and 30% discount
  • We'll fly you over for a Sassy Weekend with the team that we will document to create your own special story that we'll post on our Instragram (optional)
  • You'll get all new releases for free for 12 months

How Sassy are you?

Ok, so what exactly is "SASS" and being "Sassy"?

It is the attitude to command, conquer and not letting anyone run you over. The courage to show attitude, but knowing when to be humble and grateful. The strength to take your own path, while supporting your sisters on theirs. The passion to go for what you want in life and not accepting anyone holding you back. Being cool, yet fierce. Being caring and supportive, yet hungry for what life has to offer. When it all comes together, it's pure SASS. That's our fuel, our flame, and what our brand has to offer you.

SASS: Strong | Ambitious | Stylish | Stunning

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