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Workout Empire was founded in the idyllic small town of Soderhamn, Sweden. The sportswear brand was launched in the end of 2016 and ever since, we’ve been on a tremendously exciting journey. Our HQ and warehouse are still in Soderhamn, from where we ship orders to customers all over the world. Even though we’re growing fast in a geographical perspective, we always strive to maintain our recognition as a brand founded in a small town with a big heart. Our genuine wish to contribute to a better world permeates the whole organization in; everything we say, everything we do and everything we dare to dream (...which is a lot).

“To empower and motivate women to have confidence in themselves, to stand up for their rights and to dare following their dreams in all stages of life."

“Contribute to a sustainable development and strive toward a circular fashion industry and contribute to an increased awareness among consumers. We want to promote a more sustainable fashion and inspire to a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Ever since Workout Empire launched, it’s been a journey with an everlasting ambition to develop and improve ourselves. Along the way, we’ve gained invaluable experience and knowledge. In 2020 we’re intensely proud to announce that we will set the process to become a more sustainable sportswear brand in motion. In line with the Global Goals (see below) we adjust our whole organisation, which has a huge impact on everything we do; design, product development, production, marketing, sales, distribution and the genuine relationship with our customers.

Our environment is under threat and we need to act - now. In the end of 2015 a majority of the countries of the world adopted the Paris Agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change. We at Workout Empire will take our responsibility and do our outermost to pursue efforts to limit the global average temperature increase to well below 2 degrees, preferably even below 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. We are immensely motivated to contribute to a better future for everyone, but that is a journey we cannot do by ourselves. We need to make this journey together with our employees, our suppliers and partners and also together with our customers. We want to contribute to a rising awareness and inspire everyone to a more sustainable production/consumption and an overall better and more sustainable lifestyle.

In 2015 the leaders of the world set the 17 global goals that have the power to create a better world by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. The goals should be the guiding star for governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to accelerate and rejuvenate our efforts to achieve a sustainable future for all.

At Workout Empire we’ve chosen 4 Global Goals that we will emphasize. Click on each goal below to read and learn more about them and the other goals.

At Workout Empire we know that he we’re achieving more when we’re working together. That’s why we’re members of TEKO, where sustainability is one of the priority goals. Thanks to TEKO and in collaboration with Clevercare.info we implement more clear washing instructions and are working to increase awareness about how to take care of your clothes in a more sustainable way.


At Workout Empire we’re striving for long-term relationships with our suppliers. We only produce in countries that provide freedom of religion and sexuality. All our suppliers must sign our Code of conduct which includes working hours, minimum wages, discrimination, standing up for women’s equal rights and other important issues. Our clothes are produced in three countries; Portugal, China and Turkey. We visit our factories at least one time per year and then we meet with the management, sales team and the workers. In all our factories women have leading positions, which makes us very proud.

In house: In the summer of 2020 all employees at Workout Empire have taken part of a substantial education in environmental and sustainability development.

Choice of fabric: From October 2020 almost all our new clothes will be produced in Mindful fabric, such as recycled fabric or in other way more eco-friendly fabric. Our Mindful fabric contains at least 70% recycled fabric. That includes new launches as well as restocking of old products. 

Circular Fashion - Quality above Quantity: We strive toward a circular organisation; from product development to end customer’s purchasing and consuming behaviour. A sustainable approach permeates every created design. When we develop new designs we always consider how we can minimize wastes through smart crossover products. When choosing colors, we work transeasonal to maximize the usage and longevity of every product. We make conscious choices of production techniques and fabrics, where we always consider resource efficiency, non-toxicity, high longevity and recyclability. 

Code of Conduct: All our suppliers and partners have signed our Code of Conduct.

Bags: From Autumn 2020 we use biodegradable material for all our new product bags. The product bags can be recycled but are also commonly reused for several different purposes. From August 2020 our shopping bags are made from recycled material. From September 2020 our mailing bags are made from recycled material.

Newsletter: We will continuously send out newsletter in order to increase the awareness and inspire our customers to a more sustainable lifestyle, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Media: We use our social media channels to increase the awareness and inspire our followers to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Interaction: We will continuously make customer surveys where our customers feedback on how and why they concieve us as a sustainable sportswear brand or not. We have always cared for our customers’ opinions and they are invaluable for our improvement and future development. Even though we’ve come a long way since we started, we still have a very long way to go. That’s a journey we want to continue together with our customers, retailers, partners and suppliers. Alone we can make a difference - Together we can make a change.

Kungsgatan 3
826 30 Söderhamn
Org nr: 556722-4489
+46 70 586 34 42


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