Winter Wonderland Bra

$17 $35
Color (Navy)


Our Winter Wonderland Bra is a stylish three colored thermal seamless design with removable padding, created for function and comfort. Produced by an environmental yarn (Nilit®Heat) it provides powerful thermo insulation to capture natural body heat, yet it has excellent absorption and moisture control with a deodorizing effect. To be worn in the gym, for yoga and of course: as your favorite base layer on cold winter days. 


  • Removable Padding - more or less support, it's completely up to you.
  • Muscle Back Construction enables freedom of movement
  • Thermal insulation - In lab testing, Nilit®Heat yarn showed an increase of 10ºC (50ºF) to the reference fabric

  • Effective anti-bacterial properties, naturally provided by the carbon coffee fibers. 

  • Powerful deodorizing effects, as the coffee carbon particles in the fibers absorb smells effectively neutralizing odors. 

  • Comfortable sweat-free sensation with an excellent absorption and moisture control.

  • Environmental friendly fabric: The coffee charcoal integrated in the fiber is created by the usage of waste from coffee bean shell residue.

  • True to size. In between sizes? Think squats and go down
  • HANDS OFF! Don't hand wash this product. Instead, machine wash it in cold water (30°C) without detergent, then hang it up for air drying. You wouldn't like being thrown into a tumble dryer either, right?
  • Produced in EU
  • Nilit®Heat yarn (86% Polyamid, 10% Polyester, 4% Elastane)


Winter Wonderland ~ Cold days. Hot drinks. Comfy clothes. 

Winter Wonderland Collection is a celebration to snow drenched landscapes, alpine skiing, to building a snowman, snow shoveling, tossing snowballs, hot chocolate and to unforgettable after ski parties with your loved ones. It's created for those who love winter and... for those who hate winter, because we  support you with functional and comfortable clothes that provides insulation (at least you won't have to freeze when you stick your nose outside your door this winter...). On top of style, function and superior comfort, Winter Wonderland is produced in an environmental friendly fabric. Winter 2020 - WE are ready for You!!!

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