Regalia Future Leggings

$54 $72
Color (Obsidian)


Our Regalia Future Leggings is our all time favorite, now created in our recycled Mindful Polyester*. Extra high waist and pintuck details thoughtfully placed to complete a classy look with the heart shaped back seam, that creates a beautiful silhouette. Suitable for running, yoga, gym and as a fancy everyday wear. 


  • 125% Squat Proof - Our product department said you can’t go above 100%. (We pretended to get a text and ignored them).
  • Gusset - Hey, we have nothing against camels, but they should keep their toes to themselves.

  • Cloaked Pocket - Keep your keys, lip balm, the phone number from the hot stuff in the gym reception or anything else in, while working out!

  • Mid-Compression Fit - Like the perfect relationship, it gives support without suffocating you and being all too clingy.

  • True to size. In between sizes? Think squats and go down
  • HANDS OFF! Don't hand wash this product. Instead, machine wash it in cold water (30°C) without softener, then hang it up for air drying. You wouldn't like being thrown into a tumble dryer either, right?
  • *Mindful Polyester: Made from 73% recycled polyester and 27% spandex. When you buy these leggings, you are basically removing about 15 toxic PET bottles from the environment. Thank you for contributing to a more sustainable development.


Regalia - The insignia of royalty. Wear it like the queen you are.

You crushed limitations and ran the world in the renowned Regalia collection, with the crown jewel of our clothes - the Regalia Leggings in recycled polyester. The design, cutlines and panels are more feminine and create an even better comfort. We have simply made the very good even better, because You deserve it. And our Earth deserves it as well...

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