Mindful Biker Shorts

Color (Obsidian)


Our Mindful Biker Shorts are one of our top-selling products, now produced in our Mindful Polyester*. The high waist provides good support for your core and together with the heart-shaped back seam, it creates a flattering silhouette. They are as functional for your most sweaty workouts as they are super trendy on the street with an oversized sweater. Suitable for gym, running, streetwear and clubbing and also comfortable to wear under skirts and dresses to avoid rubbing thighs. 


  • 125% Squat Proof - Our product department said you can’t go above 100%. (We pretended to get a text and ignored them).
  • Key Pocket - yes, we still call it so, but we also use it for air pods, tampons, credit cards...  
  • Gusset - Hey, we have nothing against camels, but they should keep their toes to themselves.
  • True to size - In between sizes? Think “Squats” and go down in size. 
  • HANDS OFF! Don't hand wash this product. Instead, machine wash it in cold water (30°C) without softener, then hang it up for air drying.

  • *Mindful Polyester: Made from 73% recycled polyester and 27% spandex. When you buy these leggings, you are basically removing about 10 toxic PET bottles from the environment. Thank you for contributing to a more sustainable development.


It doesn’t matter if it’s strength or values. It’s all about the core.

The Core Collection is the basics for those who are never basic. Designed to be worn as it is or as base layer, the collection is made to fit any occasion and workout intensity. This is fashleisure and it’s here to stay.

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